AS local library and albums from Qobuz

Many of the artists in my local library are missing biography and the ”Albums from Qobuz” section, right below the local albums. However if I remove one of these artists by relocating the files outside the library folder and then bring them back, after scanning bio & ”Albums from Qobuz” show up for that artist.

But then the forced audio scan starts and in couple of minutes bio and Albums from Qobuz have disappeared again.

Why this flawed audio scan is prioritized over the metadata in music files?

Having the Qobuz albums section in local library is the best way for me to see new releases and play music from the albums I don’t own. It just becomes useless if 20% of artists miss it. I refuse to use the My Music mess which cannot even combine local and Qobuz artists.

Hi @Utx,

Can you send us one of those tracks at

Well I don’t believe this has anything to do with the audio itself. I have this problem with bands with discography solely purchased from Qobuz, also problems with bands which have albums ripped with dbpoweramp with 100% accuraterip results.

There are common denominators with these artists. If there are “.” , “,” , “-” or prepositions like “of” , “and” , “for” or “at” in the artists names the artists bio and “albums from Qobuz” are not shown after the audio scan. In fact with “.” “,” “-” they are never shown even before audio scan completion. Also if the artist name style is in doubt this happens. Some examples:

At the Gates
Cradle of Filth
Children of Bodom
Fit for an Autopsy
Kiss or KISS
Jinjer or JINJER

I have tried to rename, capitalise etc. file names, artist name tags but nothing helps. Also tried to import Musicbrainz data with Picard to tags - no change.

MacOSX Ventura 13.2.1. - System language English - Regional settings Finnish

Hi @Utx,

In fact it does, the acoustic identification process may have not identified the track properly or is not retrieving the accurate data from Musicbrainz.

Can you please send me the track so I can accurately try to reproduce your issue?

File sent

I’ll have to say Audirvana team fixed this problem perfectly. I cannot believe some company has such a customer support nowadays. I will certainly resubscribe (cancelled now to ensure the option for an 1 year subscription in renewal when the current subscription ends).

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