AS only showing album versions from 1 streaming service

I’ve got accounts with both Tidal and Qobuz linked to AS. When I select an artists from my local library, in addition to my own albums, it also show albums available on Tidal but not Qobuz. Can AS only display one streaming service at a time?

for example:

Hi @Dazza,

When you have TIDAL and Qobuz service connected in Audirvāna Studio, we only display the suggested content from one of them. You can change the one you want to see by going in the streaming settings of Audirvāna Studio:


Ah. Thanks @Antoine So if neither is selected it won’t show album versions from either service? Any plans to enable AS to show both services album versions?

You automatically have one of them enabled; you can’t disable both.

Not yet, as it will require us to make changes to the app, which we are not ready to do yet.

Thanks for the clarification @Antoine

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Hi @Dazza Will be great if that gets added. You might find this a pain but if I want to check both options for an artist I have in Local I do this extra step. Just do a search. The results page under artists give you a link to Qobuz & Tidal as per attached screenshot… You can then just come back to that page to jump between both services.


Cheers @ChiliHot I have been doing that but thought it would be more useful to just be able to see both streaming sources from the artist page in the local library.

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