AS Remote 3.1.1 not connecting reliably

@Antoine Latest version of AS Remote crashes on iPhone immediately it attempts to connect to my MacMini (running AS 1.8.5). I’ve rebooted the Mac and got a connection but after the remote had ‘gone to sleep’ once it crashes on trying to restablish a connection. David

Hello @davidp,

What kind of iPhone do you have and which version of iOS you are running?

Hi - It’s an iPhone 7 running iOS 15.1. Thanks

Are you able to reproduce the issue easily? We can’t find your crash in our dashboard.

Hi Antione - the app crash continued for two days. In the recent bad weather we had an overnight power outage that meant the router, switch and Mac Mini with AS were all reset. The iPhone app has been working fine for a day now. Fingers crossed.

Ok, let me know if you still get a crash when you try to connect in the next day to see if this was the cause of your issue.

No app crashes but sometimes the Mac Mini has to be selected manually to reestablish a connection once the phoe has gone to sleep - other than that all now working. Thanks

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