As: requirements for Kernel streaming

Hi everyone.

I was a long time user of Audirvana on mac before I switched to Linux (roon + HQP) and now jplay.

Impressed by jplay and its kernel streaming I was certainly interested to see AS coming out with Kernel streaming support.

On trying AS I however noticed that if I chose kernel streaming, the only output for me is hqplayerd on the network.

Having seen others reporting challenges to get their dac seen as well, I thought it may be interesting if we could have some insights on what requirements need to be met for KS to work.

Admitedly I have no clue how kernel streaming works but have quite a few questions on what may be a cause of it not working for me in audirvana:

  • does it make use of special APIs of windows (windows server 1809) . NET (4.8)?
  • is the version of the usb controller driver of any importance
  • is the dac usb chipset making a difference (XMOS xCORE-200 here)
  • does it make use of a particular type of driver for the dac (I only have an asio driver for mine as far as I know)
  • does KS make sense with upnp streaming.

The only experience I have with KS comes from the use of jplay (same machine, AO as well, almost same OS - except for the .Net fwk 4.8 additional KB).

So I would tend to think that this is not driver, os or .NET dependent, but does it then mean that there is a bug or could it be simply that there are differences to be handled for different chipsets?

I dully note that AS may not be officially supported on windows server (haven’t checked) so if anyone had it working with KS on win 19 server, please let us know

Anyone having an idea?

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