AS waking up at different levels every time at boot

… why is that???

Do you have the option “Open at login” enabled for Audirvāna Studio?


No, I have not

Best KK. :wink:

Ok, I think I understand, when you shutdown your computer, you still have Audirvāna Studio opened and you have the option “Reopen windows when logging back in” enabled, right?

Not quite. When I turn oniMac AS wakes up with a different audio level (i.e. 58%). I turn it up to 100%), and next time it is at 58% again…

What is the output that is selected when you reopen Audirvāna?

My output that is selected when I open Audirvāna is UPNP. :wink:

So it is probably linked to this. It may not properly connected to Audirvāna at startup and once Audirvāna detected it and selected automatically (since it was your last device before closing Audirvāna) it displayed you the real volume value announced by your device.

That sounds like it. Will check it. Right now AS starts at same level. Maybe when I turn of everything (amp is hidden behind some cabinet)

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