AS with Laptop/IfI Zen DAC vs Bluesound Node (2021)

I’m considering purchasing a Bluesound Node (2021) which feeds my HiFi system. I currently am using AS with Laptop and a IfI Zen DAC. Am I gaining any SQ or any other advantage over my current setup?

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Sound quality is about the same without accounting for subjective preferences. You may get some advantage in terms of practicality, but that depends on your use case.

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It has a degree of flexibility your ifi doesn’t, Ethernet or wireless.
If you are within usb cable range I’m unsure of any sound quality improvements.
You should go read the impressions and reviews at Crutchfield, It’s one of those Swiss Army knives for sure but your DAC probably smokes it for sound quality YMMV
Ps I’m sure you can return it if you buy from a good dealer

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