ASIO driver results

I can confirm that the beta version is working most effectively with a MUTEC USB Audio ASIO driver. :smiley:

Will test other ASIO drivers that I have later and post results here.

Thanks for this useful information

I can also confirm that I have successfully used the Meridian USB2 ASIO Driver with, and without, upsampling.

I can further confirm that I have successfully used the TeddyPardo ASIO Driver with, and without, upsampling.

ASIO Driver for ifi iDSD micro ( Ver 3.20 ) is working perfect

Same here. Working fine with iFi iDSD Micro BL and iFi’s ASIO driver 3.20

Nuforce udac5. Plays everything bit perfect without a problem.

T+A DAC 8 DSD with T+A Asio 1.0.62 still no luck. DSD support is very bad. No sound only cratching.

This T+A DAC seems to have a specific implementation of DSD in its ASIO driver.

I have any idea for a workaround I’ll try later today. If this is not fixing playback on this specific DAC, I’ll then need to have support from the manufacturer T+A to know how to handle its specificities not described in Steinberg ASIO driver guidelines.


Asio with RME ADI DAC 2 => ok

ASIO Playing with native Prism sound ASIO driver for Lyra 1 dac.

A+ Output shows 32/44 khz 5.1 ch Input is 16/44khz Wav Stereo. Not sure how it is finding a 5.1 setting?

EDIT: Playing dropped files onto main playback queue, no getting 5 seconds of audio then 10 seconds of silence and then 5 sec of audio then 10 silence, while track progress bar is moving. Maybe Fidelizer Pro is messing things up. will revert to consumer settings to see if it resolves.

Not resolved.

EDIT: Loaded files into local drive folder. Same results with 5 seconds of playback then 10 sec silence.

Thanks for the feedback.
Can you send me by PM the copy of the “Debug Info”?

You can get it by clicking on the “Debug Info” button in the general settings. Then do a paste in a PM


ASIO Driver for nuprime IDA16 is working perfect :smiley: :smiley:

in my dual pc system with jplay (see signature), A+ beta for Windows works up to 128 dsd in ASIO mode too, by setting “Jplay driver” as output.

Anyway, there are still some crashes from time to time and the gapless reproduction doesn’t work well: there is a short silence between a track and the next one, and I hear a “click” on the DAC (T+A), it is as if with each new track the DAC hooks again the input frequency (in fact, this is what is showed on the display of the dac). It happens with both streaming files and local files.

Jplay is setted to kernel streaming:


Avec mon driver Asio pour carte Uaudio Apollo Twin USB , cela ne fonctionne pas :

  • Avec des fichiers en 16 bits / 44.1 Khz la lecture commence et s’arrête 5 s puis reprend 10 s …
  • Impossible de lire des fichiers hires , la lecture ne démarre pas

J’ai la version 1009 .


Quick feedback with my little DAC FiiO K1 that I use on mobility : No problem with WASAPI, but the ASIO driver is not working with Audirvana (The ASIO driver is working with the official Qobuz client)

What is the precise issue with the ASIO driver?

La lecture ne démarre pas. J’appuie sur Play/Pause, mais le curseur d’avancement ne bouge pas, aucun son ne sort.

Local Audio Engine:ASIO 2 driver version 2
Preferred device: Haut-parleurs (FiiO USB DAC K1)	Model UID:Haut-parleurs (FiiO USB DAC K1)	UID:\\?\SWD#MMDEVAPI#{}.{b544eb09-0d04-40ae-811a-42c4e45477c1}#{e6327cad-dcec-4949-ae8a-991e976a79d2}

Currently playing in Integer Mode:
	Device: 2ch  16bits  Integer, 4 bytes per frame 44.1kHz

Active Sample Rate: 44.1kHz

Selected device:
Local audio device
FiiO USB DAC K1	Manufacturer:

Have a problem with asio aswell, the playback starts then stops and i hear cracking noises and so on.
this started when i first played a dsd file, normal flacs used to work but not anymore, they do the same thing as the dsd files.

ASIO Driver problem reported previously is resolved when version was automatically updated.