Asio feeds my 24 bit DAC 32 bits

I have a 32 bit DAC built in my integrated. But I also got a smaller USB dac with limits of 24 bit. When I’m using Asio4all and upsampling set to x2 Audirvana will send the it out as 32 bits. I have to use Wasapi to get it to work right.

Just out of curiosity. Will feeding 32 bit to a 24 bit DAC actually do anything to affect the sound negatively? Cause Iv’e been flipping back and fourth now and I’m not really sure if I can hear any difference at all.

No one that knows more about this?

Hi Fralle!
This is a standard behaviour of Audirvana. Look up the debug info. In some section downwards you will find a few or maybe more lines, a list of all formats Audirvana recognises on your DAC. Audirvana claims, this can be only 32-bit formats, even if your DAC is only capable of 24-bit. This depends on the USB connection. Use the search engine in this forum, you will find more on this topic.


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Interesting! Works with Wasapi though so for the moment I’ll stick with that. Do you know if this issue actually has any negative effect on the sound?

Should have no impact on sound. 0 are just filled.
But, if someone should try to pass on a signal, with SP-DIf, optically or electronically, it is impossible.
Imagine, there is DAC A, that is capable of MQA, but hasn’t the best analogue stage and USB input only. And there is DAC B, no USB, not capable of MQA, but with a better conversion. A is 32- bit, but B not. Of course, there is no chance for this to work this way, but it is even impossible to test it. It is a limitation that shouldn’t be there.