AU3 Real-time filters with UPnP

Set up:

Mac Mini Mojave > Audirvana + > Sonore ultra Rendu > Mutec MC3 > mini DSP 4x10 > 4way amp > horns and OB bass.


A+ the best
FabFilter pro eq 3 fantastic
Sonore Rendu Great, not as transparent and accurate as Dante but more musical

However, use A+ UPNP to Sonore and the FabFilter in the middle cannot be used real-time.


E.g. Port A+ to Dante then to Sonore then out on normal path.

The question is has anyone managed to send A+ to network and Sonore without using A+ UPnP.

I have proved that FabFilter continues to work real-time if I network with Dante. The issue then is that Dante only supports 48k.