Audacity Output/Monitoring with Audirvana

Audacity Output/Monitoring with Audirvana

On MacBook pro from 2019 (BigSur, i5, 8GB) i use Audacity. Is there a way to use Audirvana for the monitoring signal?

Nope, it can play only from files. Why would you want to do that?

To go the shortest way in the mac…

It’s dubious how much shorter that path would be. Direct mode is pretty much dead with Big Sur.

Don’t you want to hear it like your audience would hear it? Most of the normal users don’t use Audirvana.

Thanks for the answer!
The idea is, that I want the best sound for mixing and mastering!

Check out BitPerfect. You might be able to achieve what you want.

Thanks for your help! The topic does not seem trivial, at least not for me as a layperson.
I still found this here:

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