Direct Mode in Big Sur


Does any of you have an issue Playing Direct Mode in Big Sur OS? Mine does not allow me to play with Direct Mode Enabled.
Can anyone share the fix for this issue?
Thank you.

Well, Direct Mode doesn’t exist for long now without doing the « hack » trick…

If you had it in Catalina you know how to do the recipe… did you try the Catalina trick on Big Sur?

I can’t, my mac mini 2012 is out now…

I was able to hack the Audirvana Plus in Catalina but no luck with the Big Sur.
Below is the debug info:

Audirvana Plus rev. 3701 debug information:
running on Mac OS X 10.16.0 with 8192MB RAM

@damien, (you probably already know) as per information from Apple Developer community, looks like the Audirvana is not yet compatible to the Big Sur in interacting with the System Kernel, the preferred method is to use “/Library/Extension” instead of “/System/Library/Extension” which the current Audirvana version uses I believe. From what I can gather the BS system kernel is Read Only and cannot be modified as we normally do in the previous Mac OS, hence why the Hanckintool method is no longer working.
Hopefully a patch is underway to rectify this issue or a workaround to Enable the Direct Mode again.

I am not an expert this is just my opinion. please correct me if I am wrong.

Damien could not enable Direct Mode now in any way as a developper, Apple closed the door long ago, i think it can only be done externally… by hacking the system.

How to hack the system is now the question, but how do we disable the System Kernel security to modify it? How shall we proceed?
Thank you.

If you can’t live without Direct Mode, switch back to Catalina till hack works again…