Auddirvana < > Tidal?

When i try to connect to Tidal (multi year subscriber) the tidal browser signing window appears.
I successfully sign in to tidal. The response is " Do you want to allow this page to open Audirvana Plus”? Allow or Cancel are the only choices. I do have Audirvana Plus . So I click Allow. Audirvana Plus opens and all my Tidal stuff is there all ok. But Audirvana shoes tidal ‘connect blacked out’ I’ve tried Get Voucher ( the only other choice . I says Ive already gotten a voucher - which i did years ago with my first audirvana. All I want is to get my tidal account and play lists on Aidirvana Plus working

Hello @Ankienticeman,

Which version of Audirvana 2 are you using?

Audirvana Plus 3.2.20. On an Imac running Big Sur 11.1.

Not sure but, I think the Audirvana ‘2’ part comes from my installing the second of two downloads . That is how OS labels multiple downloads of the same item item , item2, item3 etc.

Audirvana version is 3.5.43 (3573)

Can you send me your order reference? I can only see your Audirvana version 2 in our database.

Thank you for your purchase on
You will find below the information for order 58606234 from 2017-03-28.

Okay, this is why we couldn’t find you. Do you have two version of Audirvana in your computer?

so - in Finder a search for Audirvana yields
two App entries
Audirvana Plus icon is Blue Circle with A+ icon is black circle with A
A fid any file search yields the same result. Lots of associated file but no other app

Okay so you have two version of Audirvana installed, can you remove Audirvana Plus with the A+ logo? It is causing conflict with Audirvana 3.5 when you are trying to connect to Tidal.

yes I can remove it.
before proceeding - Is there anyway to keep the tidal playlists which i have made in Audirvana +

The Tidal playlsit you made in Audirvana + are saved in your Tidal account, when you reconnect it in Audrivana 3.5, they will be back.

Thank you! All seems to be working. A relief - as i upgraded to 3.5 some months ago and have not been using it because of this issue.
The only issue now is that I inadvertently bought the cross platform version on Sunday. I’ll pursue a refund from the email receipt i got.

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