Audio Device Issues Audirvana 3.5.26 Mac OS 10.13.6

Hi folks,

I have a question regarding the audio devices on my mac mini running high sierra. Every time time I shut down my amp/dac Audirvana switches to the built-in audio device even though I muted it in the Audio Midi setup. That is absolutely annoying. I have to connecto via vnc every time and select my amp/dac in Audirvana manually. Is there a way to prevent this?

I did a quick google but unloading the Mac OS IOAudio2family kernel extension in the terminal doesn’t work anymore with High Sierra as it seems. I wish Audirvana had an option to set your default audio connection.

amp/dac is connected via USB

Hello @iliketohideincloset, this feature is here since the first release of Audirvana. In fact when you select your audio output device, Audirvana memorize it and will use it if its available at the start of Audirvana.

@Antoine It’s Mac OS that automatically connects to the DAC via USB. Any idea how to turn that off?

The easiest way to do it is unplug your DAC USB i think :smile:

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@Antoine That should work for sure :wink: