Audio Device not found- Mac OS 12.1

Hi, Ever since I upgraded to Mac OS 12 Audirvan has not been recognising my audio device. I have to restart with Option key and Shift held down but then one or two days later without the desktop being turned off the same thing happens

Hello @desertglow,

What kind of device you don’t see in Audirvāna Studio? Is it a UPnP or USB device? In case of USB, can you open the Audio Midi Setup app of MacOS to check if you see your device?

Hi, thanks for reply. No device is shown at all. One change I made recently was enabling Steam streaming microphone and speaker. I’m going to disable that and see what happens. I have no midi option/feature appearing in my preferences at all.

It’s a MacOS app you can find in the Application folder>Utilities.

Ok thanks for pointer

I’ve not been well recently so forgive me for my stupidity out of answering your question clearly. My device is simply the head phone Jack

If you have it connected to your Mac and you try to play a track in Music/iTunes, do you hear any sound form it?

Yes, MUSIC / iTunes is fine

When you have your device plugged in, do you see this in Audirvāna Studio?

No , no sign of Apple Inc.
To be clear I’m not using a device but the headphone jack and utterly non audiophile RCA leads that feed into my hi fi system

And still have same problem - even though I launch mac with Opt + Shift ket hten I see Audio devices and can hear the music. Some time later - 4-5 hours with jsut leaving the PC running Headphone and Headphone port ,
Steam Streaming Mircophone, Virtual and
Steam Streeaming Speakers, Virtual
disappear and no devices are shown at all

Can you send a screenshot of your sound preference when you are listening to iTunes?

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