Audio Dynamics Analysis not working when Artist has special characters

These is an old bug that was fixed but now appears again.

If an artist or album name has a special character in it’s name, it will not preform Audio Dynamics Analysis. See attached screen capture for reference.

Hi @Mystic,

Can you send one of those track at so I can try to reproduce your issue on my side?

@Antoine Sent.

Thank you for the file.

I have been able to do the analysis for the file, have you tried to do on one album at a time?

Yes. When I go into the metadata info and recompute nothing happens.

@Antoine This is a serious issue. Audirvana will not play any album where the artist has a special character in it. See attached images for proof. Maybe it’s a settings issue, I don’t know. Needs explanation and a fix ASAP.

@Antoine I think I discovered where this bug is. In the file directory on Mac, if you have a special character in the artists / album folder (i.e. Sinéad O’Conner) will prevent you playing and/or also will not allow any audio analysis in file within that folder.

This issue is also being discussed here : How to get rid of issues with accented characters on file names when using a NAS and a MAC - #28 by Antoine
I came to the same conclusions as you, but it doesn’t seem to be that easy to reproduce from one system to another. Anyway, they’re working on it :slight_smile:

@Antoine I can confirm that updating to Ventura 13.4 has fixed this issue. Both preventing playback and also performing audio dynamics analysis.

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This is not the case. I have Sinead O’Connor ( with the special character ) and all works as should.