Audio Improvement with Ventura?

Somewhere on this site or in an email, it was written that there would be “something special” sonically when the newly optimized version of Studio was used with MacOS Ventura.

Any folks who have recently upgraded to Ventura notice a sonic difference?

I didn’t see that remark on the infoletter? as an improvement, but as now fully compatible with macOS Ventura… i may be wrong, not notice any change, still play nice except for the new SysOpt bug :grinning:

I really don’t think macOS Ventura or High Sierra back then changed much in the quality of audio sonic of Audirvana or having a 2012 macmini or a new M2 new Mac, that is the best Damien add to his software… look, easyness to learn, and remote, well he needs helps :grinning:

But for sound of his software :+1:t2:

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