Audio output device connected to ethernet not found

I am using a trial license for Audirvana on MacOS Catalina. My ethernet output device is not found.

I am trying to send the output to an ethernet connected Moon 390 Mind2 DAC/network player. Audirvana diagnostic info indicates “UPnP devices found: 0”. I believe the Moon 390 is UPnP compliant.

A particularly odd thing is that my Moon 390 did show up on the audio output devices just once earlier this week. I listened to it for an hour or so. The next time I went to use it, it was gone.

Thanks for any suggestions as to how to proceed.

P.S. 8/8/2020 I checked the output devices ‘just in case’. My ethernet connected Moon 390 is still not shown. However my WiFi android TV was there, selected, and it works. I am still hoping for suggestions.

Hello @artc,

Can you check the firewall settings: In System Preferences > Security and Privacy > Firewall > Firewall Options > Automatically allow signed software to receive incoming connections check that this setting is selected and “Block all incoming connections” is not selected.

I’m having the same issue with the same piece of hardware. Moon 390 over ethernet.
I simply can’t find the dac/streamer in Audirvana. My firewall settings are fine.

Any idea?

@frostedfrank I’m not sure if Moon products are UPnP/DLNA certified, the best way to know this is to ask them if your product is compatible with this network protocol.

It is supposed to be upnp compatible yes. I currently use Asset upnp with their app to stream my music

Can you go in the setup menu of the MOON and launch the “connexion” function where you then select your internet provider box and quit before introducing the WEP key? Do you see your device after doing this?

I am not sure what you mean? My Moon Mind is connected by ethernet if you are speaking of internet/network.

Sorry, I forgot that you previously said you were connected using ethernet. The problem is Asset UPnP is a UPnP server but Audirvana is not a UPnP Server. Our software is only a media renderer so if Moon do not support this kind of UPnP software, this explain why you can’t use your Moon in audirvana.

Ah ok I see. That’s a bummer.
It works very well over USB but having it work over the network would be nicer. I’ll keep digging and ask Simaudio if there is something possible.

Thank you for the clarification.

Hello @frostedfrank,

I have further information, the last message was not precise enough, the device that is taking the track from Audirvana need to be the actual media renderer. Make sure to say to simaudio that they have a bug in their media renderer implementation

Turns out there was a firmware update for my Moon 390 and I can now see it in the outputs of Audirvana!

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Hello, I’m on a Mac and I discovered a couple things that might help others trying to use bridge hardware for things like AES into the DAC.

TL;DR - Power-cycle Audirvana because it seems to only read the available outputs on launch.

Audirvana needs to see the hardware options on app launch, and if you’re connected via USB or Airplay, you need to manually open Sound Preference Pane and then click Output and then click the output you want (Airplay or “Built-in”).

If you select via Sound Preference pane after launching Audirvana, you need to quit and relaunch Audirvana for it to see the change you made.

If you have a UPnP/DLNA device, it should show up in the lower right corner Output Device menu. If not, try quitting and relaunching…

In my case, for Auralic Aries, you need to go to Settings/Lightning Device (Currently Available)/Additional Operations/Streamer Setup/Streamer Mode-WorkMode/UPnP Renderer

Then change the menu to make the selection stick, then exit out back to the music interface

On your Mac now launch or quit and relaunch Audirvana. You should see the Aries in the Output Device menu now.

I can’t say the iOS remote app is working so well, but that’s another matter. Hope this helps.