Audio signal polarity and A+ remote. Why not???

I consider it a great limit of A + remote control that does not allow to reverse the signal polarity. I use a Mac mini connected to a TV. To change the polarity of the signal I am forced to turn on the TV and go to Audirvana’s preferences. It would be a great thing to be able to make that change directly from A + remote control. Why not??

Even to me I would like the same functionality described by Yukio.It would be possible, in your opinion, to integrate this function into Audirvana’s remote control?

Me too I’m very interested in such feature. Please let me know if it can be integrated in the next future.
Thank you

Thank you for supporting “invertpolarity” as a way to automatically invert the polarity of a track.

Please add an invert polarity button to the A+ remote app so that the proper polarity of each track can be easily identified by switching back and fourth. A second button to automatically add the “invertpolarity” identifier into the track information for those tracks needing such modification would be over the top wonderful.

Thanks again for such a great sounding player.