Audio Volume Settings

I have the latest version Audirvana 3,5,34, Mac OS Catalina 10,15,4

I wonder if the setting "Volume Levelling (Replay Gain) is only activated for the current device I’m playing on?

Can I have different settings for my different playing units for example “preserve album dynamics” for playing on my main system and "all tracks equal loudness) when playing over my Airport express?

As far as I know, the settings aren’t tied to a device or a specific output. But it’d be great if that was the case :slightly_smiling_face: I proposed it in a poll I received recently (in my case, I don’t want my harman target EQ I use for my headphones to be applied when I play music on my speakers).

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Thats what I thought, there should be a good manual for all functions of the program, as it is now its too much trial and error and thats not what I expect for a program I am supposed to pay €120 For.
Audirvana shape up and produce a complete manual of the functions of the program.

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