Audiolab 8300cdq unrecognized (MacBook Pro '19)

Hi-although the program will play my music it tells me that my DAC does not play MQA or DSD. This is not true.

Does anyone know why this is so and or have a fix for it?

Hello @Knitman

Audirvana 3.5 integrates the MQA Core Decoder that performs the first unfolding (up to 88.2 or 96kHz) to benefit from the high resolution of the MQA audio files even without an MQA audio device. By MQA decision, the second unfolding (to 176.4 or 192kHz) can be performed only in a MQA renderer/decoder DAC.

Non MQA capable audio devices can benefit from the high resolution (doubled sample rate compared to the encoded file one) thanks to the MQA decoder integrated in Audirvana 3.
In this case, Audirvana brings, in addition to the general Sound Quality improvement, the decoding of the MQA file that would be played only at little above CD quality otherwise, losing all its high resolution benefits. Note that decoding the signal beyond twice the sampling rate of the encoded file (for the few rare recordings actually made above 96kHz) can only be done in a DAC MQA.

You then need to leave “Not MQA decoder” for your DAC in the Audio Settings, so that Audirvana performs the MQA decoding.

If you have a DAC that is “MQA decoder” then, you can select MQA decoder. That means that no audio processing done in Audirvana, as the DAC is doing all of the MQA decoding.
If you have a DAC that is “MQA renderer” then, you can select MQA renderer. That means MQA first unfolding done in Audirvana, and no other audio processing as the DAC is doing the other unfolding

The Blue color means that the file is “Studio authenticated”.
The Green color is for other MQA audio file.

If your DAC is compatible with DSD over PCM, you can set the native DSD read method to “DSD over PCM 1.0” in the device section of the audio settings page.
If your DAC has a volume control, you may need to ensure it is set at 100% during DSD playback to prevent its USB interface from damaging the DSD signal.

I am sorry, I didn’t understand this response at all. I thank you kindly though for your time.

Perhaps I did not make myself not clear.

Audirvana reports that my DAC does not support DSD or MQA. This is not true. The AUDIOLAB 8300CDQ does support both file types.

kind regards

The fact that it’s not recognized as DSD or MQA capable doesn’t preclude you from playing those files.

For DSD select DoP 1.0 or 1.1 if you’re playing files beyond DSD128.

For MQA, manually set to MQA Decoder.

Thank you kindly. I am not always prompt in response. I had a sever brain injury and am not the same as I was. My intelligence is the same. My memory is not. If not for reading my message I would have no idea what thus is about.

No prob. Since you’re still enjoying music there is hope. :wink: