Audiophile language to describe how amazing Audirvana is


I have always loved music. I remember a long time back, it was hard for me to describe my music experience. Now, I don’t claim to be a hero, but I feel I can put some words to tell how my system sounds.

They say the best salesperson for a company is a happy customer. I am a customer of Audirvan and want to share with you the improvements I had when I moved from a typical streaming service to Audirvana Studio.

A simple music system can become complex when we try to optimize its sound. Let’s see how this post will go. Please share your thoughts. In my case, I will start with the following:

  • Instrument separation: I can hear instruments separated, even many playing together, especially in good records.
  • Instruments sound neutral: Authentic sound and not colored.
  • Hologram of sound (Space): I can imagine how the band members were sitting or the audio engineer did when mixing the instruments. NOTE: Some devices are close to the speakers, and others are away in a sphere.
  • High Dynamic Range: loudness and power are very much separated. Dynamic range is an essential part of music.

I hope to hear about your experience with Audirvana as well. You may ask questions on how to achieve better sound.

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Hi @imadch

I couldn’t put it better.

And once I installed my PS Audio Bitstream Jr. my Magnepan 3.3Rs were able to truly display the Audrivana finesse.


Phil (Long time A lover.)

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Thanks for sharing your experience. I agree that you need sensitive equipment to realize the fineness of the audio signal.

What do you believe the sound is like, and what is your wish on top of that?


Well @imadch

I would wish I could afford to purchase the top end Magnepan 30.7 and the appropriate amps etc to accompany that.

I’m well aware, that lying awake in bed in the middle of the night that my appreciation for my Bose Wave bedside radio and ABC F M sound magnificent.

That teaches me that our brain does a lot of the computerising of the sounds we hear.

So, although I strive for great sound in my main system, I’m still doing all the brain work. Familiarity has a lot to say for itself.

I know I’m not saying what you want re Audirvana, but I’ve been convinced the specialists are constantly improving their music player. And my thanks go to them.



Just as with any subjective observation in a common experience… There needs to be agreement on a common lexicon that is used in describing the subjective experience… Thus we have glossaries and the symbiotic thesaurus of synonyms and antonym’s of the contextually defined lexicon…

There is such a reference Audio glossary:

Sounds Like? An Audio Glossary

J. Gordon Holt | Jul 29, 1993

With such a common descriptive lexicon, a clearer understanding of individual subjective observations and biases is made… However this does not obviate the individual playback system-to-system biases that are inherently tied to these observations and assessments…

We can all find common ground in the appreciation the inherent quality of sound that is delivered by the Audirvana audio-engine, to any given DAC, in juxtaposition to one’s subjective reference…

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