Audioquest DragonFly Red


(Windows only) best option to play to the device : Kernel Streaming
DSD Over PCM setting : None
MQA capability : Renderer

Best upsampling setting for device :

r8brain oversampling 2xOnly:
bandwidth: 99.5,
stopBandAttenuation: 218,
isPhaseLinear: true

Hi Antoine,
Unless I am mistaken with this setting as proposed by “plays with audirvana” on dragonfly red, it is no longer possible to adjust the volume!
Best Regards.

You are right, I made a mistake for it. It should be good now.

The change is automatically done after a week but you can request it again by going in the database of Audirvāna itself. Do you have ont your computer?

Will wait for one week . I am not a fan to edit directly Audivarna DB.