AudioUnits Malfunctioning Mac mini M1

I am new to Audirvana, but like the possibilities. One issue I am having is with AudioUnits. Particularly the apple audio units. I am trying to set up a parametric equalizer for my speakers and another for my headphones, but have a minor issue. It doesn’t show the curve for the parameters I am inputting (see pic below). The second issue I am having is that some AUs don’t show up correctly making them impossible to use. The pan AUs in particular are an issue (see pic below). Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks!


Hello @IPunchCholla,

Can you play a track while you have those settings enabled?

I can play tracks with those settings on. I installed a third party AU and it works fine. I’m having some glitches with the apple AUs in hosting AU as well (though different glitches). So I’m thinking the issue isn’t Audirvana, but Apple’s AUs. I would like to delete and reinstall them, but haven’t figured out how.

Now if Apple would make it palatable for Audirvana to integrate Apple Music, I’d have my killer playback app.

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