Audirvan remote

Hi is it possible on the iPhone remote to order the albums in a grid format. Seeing my qobuz favourites one by one is tedious Rather as in some other apps and indeed on the older versions of Audirvana, you can see your albums in pairs or similar on the phone screen.
Many thanks
Apologies if this has been raised before the new version is new to me. Previous I have used Roon.

Hello @nickw,

Do you mean like this?

Hi yes for displaying favourites on the phone app

You need to go in the configuration section of the Remote, at the bottom you will see an option to display albums as thumbnail :wink:

Thank you I didn’t realise that you can pinch the screen to change the number of thumbnails displayed.
Also is there a way to play music via the app to headphones either connected directly or via Bluetooth on the iPhones
Can the app be displayed in the lock screen of an iPhone?

No, this is not possible, you can only do this by connecting them to your computer.

It has been requested by a lot of user and we are currently investigating about how we can do this.

Thank you for your response that’s very helpful

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