I’ve been trying to submit this question, but it never seems to show up. I use Audirvana on my Windows10 laptop to play Tidal/MQA. I use the HDMI cable for a wired hookup to my AV receiver. I know I’m only getting the first unfold with this setup. When using HDMI, I set the AV receiver to AUX (There’s a front panel HDMI jack.). I can also playback music via DLNA with no physical wired connection between my laptop and AV receiver. In this case, I set the AV receiver to NET. My question is am I getting MQA through this DLNA connection? Thanks for any answers!

Hello @Wes_Jansen, when you are wireless connected to your DAC, can you see in Audirvana audio settings if it automatically detects his MQA capability?

I have no external DAC, other than what’s in my AV receiver. Therefore I’m only getting the first unfold via Tidal/Audirvana from my Windows 10 laptop. When using DLNA, I get the same Audirvana indications as when I connect to my receiver via HDMI cables. Audirvana says it’s connected through the network and also says the DAC of the Windows laptop.

What’s the make and model of your receiver?

If your AV receiver supports 88khz and 96khz then it works with DLNA.
I use a PC as DLNA renderer and the connected DAC shows the samplerate,
it is as it should be.