Audirvana 1.8.1 crashes when using 'Folder view'

Recently i bought Audirvana 1.7.1 after they fixed some serious issues when using own playlists (reported that in this forum)
So, quite happy with this version (except that it is not really the fastest application) I installed 1.81.
I was looking forward to check the folder view …but as soon as a click on the folder icon it crashes totally and i have to restart the application.

Guys, not funny…hopefully you can fix it quickly.

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Hello @AM8c,

can you send us the entire crash log at ?

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I have the same problem. I will email my crash report to your support email.

Thanks for the info…so, i’m not alone :wink: Hopefully the Audirvana team can fix it

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Just installed 1.8.5 and…it’s working, the bug has been fixed. Now it appears a message asking me to select folders to be synchronised…Thanks to the Audirvana team.