Audirvana 2.2.1 - the only "Desktop" is available for adding to Library - closed

Hi, I use Audirvana 2.2.1 on Win11 (MS Surface 7+ pro)
Getting try to add folders I can see the only “Desktop” folder available. See attached screenshot. What could be wrong? Any help is welcome, as there are tons music files that placed on NAS I’m not going to copy.
Even run this one as Administrator does not help.

See the link below this sentence. The solution is in there somewhere:

Audirvana Studio 2.0 can’t see local files - Audirvāna Studio / Library Manager - Audirvana

This is a bug in Windows with Onedrive. A lot of people had this problem after a Windows update. The selection window shows you the One Drive desktop folder instead of the real computer folder. The solution how to solve this is in the link above.

@Antoine is it possible you make the solution a sticky note somewhere? Because this question has popped up several times now.

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So, finally, the root cause is the OneDrive. For sure you should stop backup the Desktop, just uncheck it in the OneDrive settings. See screenshot for the details.

And it works now.

Great thanks to all who help me find the solution! Enjoy the music!