Audirvana 3.2.6 Audio Units (AU) issue

I am using the newest trial version of Audirvana 3.2.6
Now I have a couple of playback problems.
I do not use upsampling and almost only files with 44.1kHz 16 / 24bit.
As Dac I use a Mytek 192DSD, which is easily recognized by the software.The system optimization is switched on,direct modus is on and integer 1 is enabled.
My RAM is 6Gb and I use El-Capitan.the RAM is never overloaded.All songs are loaded quite quickly into the Ram and the bar is always displayed complete full dark-gray. So that should all be ok.
Sometimes the playback stops shortly (only a few seconds) before the end of the track. This only happens after a couple of tracks have been played.
Next I can hardly use an AU in “real time”. I use only “up to date” 64bits AUs
I always have to stop the playback first to be able to adjust something in the plugin.
There is always only one plugin of four visible. That should be changed in the menu, because in other programs, using the AU is easier and more flexible.
In PureMusic i can display many AUs simultaneously without any problems. I even can enable/disable every single AU by demand.
Is this possibly caused by the Audirvana trial version ?
As soon as I click on the checkbox “Use plugin in real time”, I can not start playback.
I forgot to mention that of course I use Audirvana as player software, not iTunes!
-the problems are the same for all three SRCs.

Are you connected by Firewire to Mytek? If yes, this could be the problem. Same here in my setup.
Some AU work in real time mode, others don’t. Via USB all my AU work in realtime mode.

Ok, that could be ?!
Do you use the USB 2 ? (mytek192dsd has both ,usb 1 and usb2 port)
Mytek prefers the FW connection in terms of sound. can you say something about that?

I tried to install the USB 2 driver USB2 * [v2.8.0] but it will not work on my “old” i Mac running 10.11.6 ElCapitan

only chance to test the USB 1 connection…

Ok , with USB 1 (no driver needed) the Plugins now running and changeable settings in “real-time” mode !

Anyone to send me an older Mytek USB 2 Driver Version running on El Capitan ???


Mytek support site : * The Stereo192-DSD DAC and the Manhattan DAC (the first version) USB2 driver is NOT compatible with El Capitan / Sierra. The FW / Thunderbolt driver is fully compatible.

Ok ,now we know :
Firewire is NOT fully compatible with Audirvana + 3.2.6
AUs are working correct (sound wise) but not adjustable in “real-time” mode.
Also AUs are not displayed in different windows ( only in the setting menu)

  • Ableton,Logic, PureMusic have no issues with that.

-is more stable (no clicks an pops audible)
-all sample rates are available up to 192kHz
-direct and Integer-mode fully working
-DSD Upsampling 64/128 is available and also perfect working
-A+ sometimes music stops suddenly seconds before the end of a track

USB 1 (driverless)
-AU Plugins are fully working in “real time” mode, displayed in more than one windows (by demand)
-no Audirvana “direct” mode available
-With USB 1 and simultaneous use of a USB Music-HD there are audible dropouts even at 44,1/16 (even plugged in two different USB bus) (not HUB)
-Mytek Dac limitation only up to 96kHz
-Mytek’s internally Upsampling-chip always switched “on” (not hardware available)

After I tested again, I came to the conclusion that the error about FW (driver) occurs only in Audirvana.
As mentioned earlier, all other music programs such as Logic, Ableton PureMusic, etc. run perfectly in Au Realtime mode!
This is confirmed by Mytek itself.
So maybe there would be a way for developer Damien Plisson to fix this problem ?

Otherwise, this player software is excellent in terms of operation and sound !

I concur with your experience with Audirvana 3.2.6 and AU in realtime mode over FW. (in my case OS 10.13.3)
Maybe this issue receives more recognition if posted here (?):

I use the Mytek Stereo192-DSD with El Capitan and have experienced the same problem in using AU units with Firewire connection. That is, the AU units will not work in “real time” mode. My workaround is to switch the interface temporarily to USB 1 on both A+ and the DAC, then adjust the AU unit settings in real time until you are happy with the sound. After that, uncheck the RealtimeAudiUnits preference in A+ and switch the interface back to Mytek_Firewire. The AU settings will stay intact.

Since Usb 1 with the Mytek is not stable I use another program like Logic or Adobe Audition for setting the plugin.
According to the A+ manual, you should turn off the realtime mode during playback.

Note that with the realtime setup the AudioUnits rendering is done during playback, and thus, for maintaining the optimal sound quality, this option should be set to off after the AudioUnits configuration is completed. This will ensure the rendering is done during track loading process, before playback.

maybe the FW problem,especially with the mytek FW, will be solved with the next update.

Do other FW devices from other manufacturers also have these issue ?

I do not believe Mytek intends to update this DAC going forward (The last update was in March 2015). It’s relatively old and they are concentrating on their newer hardware/software. If I can set up the AU plugin in USB 1 before switching to FW, or outside of A+ as you’ve described, then to me that seems like a usable workaround.

as previously mentioned. I do not think it’s on the Mytek driver itself, but on the A+ !
The Mytek driver works with all professional programs Ableton,Logic,Audition, Wavelab without any problems.
Also via FW > Tunderbolt adapter & Mytek >digital through< is running perfectly.
Even in Channel D’s PureMusic FW and AU works just fine.
I think more of an A+ update :wink: