Audirvana 3.5.8

Great advance over the 3.x versions. I likely will cancel Roon forthwith!

Issue: it was possible to create nestled/hierarchical smart playlists in A+ 3.X… I can’t figure out how to do that in 3.5. Is that a missing feature or am I missing something? Can someone help?

Would like to see added in future releases:

  • Shuffle play options – shuffle by album or better yet by grouping – essential for playing classical!!!

  • “Does not contain” as a smart list option; “is not equal to” does not work for all fields

  • Why can’t Audirvana permit output to more than one device – for example, output to the computer on which it’s location AND ALSO to a PnP device?

It was and it is still possible to create nested folder and inside them you can put your smart playlist/s

But how?

When I click on “Add Criteria” the new criteria stays in line with the other no matter which modifier key (cmd, shift, option, control) I try. In the old version, shift-click on the “+” button did the trick. But in 3.5, shift-add criteria does not.

create a folder, then a smart playlist inside the folder (you can create more then one), you can create a folder too inside the folder
an example:
folder 1
folder 1.1
smartplaylist a
smartplaylist b
folder 1.2
smartplaylist c

if you display folder 1 (not expand) you’ll see the results of smart playlist a, b and c

it not possible anymore to define a smart playlist which nested criteria … I used it too but Damien told me that it is now impossible.
you could use filters (on the right side of the window). Each SmartPlaylist “remember” its own filters