Audirvana 3.5. Clicks and pops issue at 0 oversampling

I use Audirvana 3.5 as a player on a 2.23ghz MacMini late2009, 8gb of RAM and 250gb SSD disk completely dedicated to the function of a music machine present on an external 4TB 3.5 hard disk. With some files it happens that if they are played at 0 oversampling they always appear in the same points while listening to the clicks / pops. If, however, I carry out oversampling, the defect disappears. What can it depend on? How can I listen to the same files without oversampling?

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In what format are the files that exhibit this behavior? What’s your output device and how do you connect to it (USB or UPnP)?

Are you sure that the files are not damaged? Have you tried playing through other software and using different output device?

The files are in wawe format. The Mac Mini comes out in USB and enters an Audio GD DI20 interface which in turn comes out in HDMI (I2S) and enters the Audio GD Master 7 dac.

Have you tried connecting Master 7 directly via USB?

Yes…the same thing happens

Do you have another DAC you can try?

I’m getting clicks and pops on certain 16/44 songs at the same places. If I play the same songs directly through either Tidal or Qobuz there are no clicks. If I use and enable app volume control in Audirvana, and reduce volume by .1 db, the file output changes from 16 to 24 bits and the clicking stops. Can anyone explain this or provide a fix? Thanks.

Hello @Kurt_Schulwitz, have you enabled upsampling in your audio settings in Audirvana?

Damien, Thanks or your quick response.

No, I do not use upsampling.

Try increasing the latency by .5 sec intervals up to 1.5 seconds and see if the pops and clicks go away