Audirvana 3.5 does not recognize my DAC as DSD capable

I have a CEntrance DACPort HD that does support DSD playback but in settings it says no DSD playback. Is there a way to change the incorrect reading by Audirvana and set it up properly manually? I’m using it with both my MacBook Pro M1 and Windows 10 depending on what programs I’m working on for school.

See specs on website where DSD is listed DACport HD - CEntrance

If I can’t change settings manually for it to be recognized, what are the recommended settings I should use for DSD playback?

Have you downloaded the ASIO drivers for Windows? MAC can only be done via DOP.

Thank you for the info, I was unaware that Mac can’t do native DSD. I was further unaware that I needed to use ASIO for DSD in Windows. I have the driver downloaded and will try it and report back. Thank you.

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For your information. DOP is native DSD. It is only packaged in a PCM form. This makes OSX think it’s a normal PCM stream. The DAC recognizes that it is DOP and will then treat it as native DSD. The disadvantage is that half of the bandwidth is spent on packaging the data. A DAC that does with ASIO Max 512 will do with DOP Max 256.


And you won’t notice the difference when listening.

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