Audirvana 3.5 for Windows?

@damien, could you give us an estimated release date for Audirvana 3.5 for Windows? Thanks!

Just got excited then, opened Audirvana and it offered an update.
Turns out it was 1.3.7 to 1.3.8 :smiley:

I hate answers that have nothing to do with the question at all - and I also hate it when questions are not answered, even though the software developer was / is logged into the forum.

… and the version mentioned in the answer 1.3.8 is already buggy again and I’m not sure if we should really want such a big step in the version 3.5 - who knows, what is not there again / does not work anymore.

@mh-annabell your posts here do not relate to the question anyway!
But there’s a difference, your posts are real pain in the neck! Not funny, really unpleasant.
At least you are not posting here in German anymore…

Same here!

Audirvana 3.5 is now in public beta test.
You’ll find the installation link in the dedicated forum category where your feedbacks on the 3.5 beta are welcome.

How can I participate of the public beta test? I’ll get an error message opening the link…

Which link gives you an error?
Can you go to the Audirvana 3.5 Windows beta test (in the beta tests) section of this forum?

I guess it has someting to do with the forun…have had to creeate a new account and the link has given me a ‘no permission’ error.
Now, my old account works and I was able to get the beta. BTW: to me the beta is much better in every way than the old 1.3.x

How did you get the public beta? I’m clicking the “dedicated forum category” URL in damien’s link above but if I click it directly, it goes there, but then says I don’t have permission; if I right click and select it it says “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.” Is this a private link?

how to get the beta of a + 3?

Can you retry now accessing the Windows 3.5 beta section?

Hi damien–the link works now. Thanks!

Hi, is there a way to launch the 3.5 beta version through an exe file icon? Every time I click on the Audirvana icon on my desktop it opens the older 1.38 version and I have to access my email to get the link of the 3.5 beta version in order to launch it.

The desktop item is linked to the older version 1.3.8.

If you go to the Windows 10 menu (via the Windows key), it will list all the “universal” apps in addition to applications. There you will find an icon for Audirvana (“3.5”), from which you can startup Audirvana. Also, if you right click on the icon, there is an option to pin it to the task menu. Of course, you had to install Audirvana “3.5”, previously.