Audirvana 3.5 / New Mac OS Releases in 2022,23 etc

If necessary, will Audirvana 3.5 get updates for upcoming MacOs major releases 2022,23 etc? Or will it have to be thrown away ???

As far as I understood Audirvana 3.5 has reached end of live but will still get some bugfixes and small updates. If that includes fixes for newer MacOS versions and for how long I don 't know. One thing is for sure: No computer program lives forever.

Maybe get a dedicated music computer (for instance an older second hand Mac mini) for Audirvana and don’t upgrade the OS anymore?

You also know that upcoming MacOS releases don’t support older Mac computers anymore at some point? Do you throw that older Mac away? Of course not, in that case you keep it on the latest MacOS it supports and you don’t update the OS anymore. Same with Audirvana: Keep it on a computer with a compabitble OS version and than you can use it for a very long time to come.

I know that for sure. Whereby Audirvana 3.5 is not yet 3-4 years old - the support for a Mac, for example, was delivered about 8 years ago. A little early from Audirvana just not wanting to do anything anymore. btw, my Macmini is Late 2012 with Monterey patched…

3-4 years is a very long time for one version of a computer program (I had JRiver and they basically wanted me to pay for every update about every year). For Audirvana 3.5 I have paid around 75 Euro’s around 3 years ago and it still works and still gets bugfixes and minor updates.

As far as I know Audirvana 3.5 also still works on Monterey. So basically it is up to Apple not to break backwards compatability with older programs (and we all know Apple breaks it regularly).

But, if you don’t want to upgrade to Audirvana Studio and want to use 3.5 for years to come: Install Audirvana on a dedicated machine with a compatible MacOS and don’t update the OS anymore when Apple breaks backwards compability.

Also, maybe @Antoine can say something about (the time frame of) keeping 3.5 up to date with newer MacOS versions?

I would recommend what @AndyLubke already said. Keep your current Mac as a dedicated music station with A3.5. It runs now, so it will run tomorrow as well once your Mac gets old. Which I guess it already is since yours is 10 years by now.

I’m doing the same thing with my 2017 MacBook Air with macOS Monterey. My main laptop is a Windows one from 2 years ago, while my Air is happily playing music in my living room. AS, A3.5, Apple Music and Vox Music Player all work nicely there. I’ll keep updating my little Mac with the latest macOS until Apple no longer supports it. Then I’ll keep it there.

Then the question remains. Will my Mac still work by then. It’s been going strong for 4 years now, but nothing lasts forever. Goes for software as well. 3.5 has been officially discontinued since AS was released in May last year. But it does still occasionally receive updates. Till when that will last, I don’t know.

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sandsOfArrakis and AndyLubke are quite right, the best solution is a dedicated Mac or PC with a stable OS version. I run A3.5, and Studio on a Mc Mini late 2012 with Mojave. That is as stable as I can hope, and should work for many years to come.
Once Apple retires Rosetta from their latest MacOS version, we’ll see how it impacts Audirvana Studio …

Having said that, there remains one little issue to consider.
Since Audirvana 3.5 “calls home” occasionally to confirm the user’s registration, will Audirvana continue to offer the registration check past the day they declare A3.5 unsupported? Or else, would they free A3.5 from any such checks with a last update?

One thing is sure, since Audirvana has sold A3.5 as a “lifetime” licence, they probably could not just completely suppress the registration check, which would effectively kill A3.5 on the customers’ computers.

If you want to update, you get this message: Error updating! An error occurred while loading the update information. Please try again later.
Indicates to me that no registration is carried out via the Internet, since Audirvana used to not run at all without an Internet connection. So I think the registration check is complete deactivated.

Yes, I agree. I have a late MacMini 2012, patched with Os Monterey and works perfekt with Audirvana 3.5 (second Version Audirvana running on it). For Audirvana preTests I am using a iMac 2019 - If Audirvana 3.5 not will run with a new OS Version higher than Monterey on the iMac in the Future the MacMini not will be updated. Ps. Sorry my bad English (…)

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