Audirvana 3.5 Remote App problems - I've found a solution!

Anyone still happily using Audirvana 3.5, like me?

For anyone that still experiences problems (drop-outs, disconnecting after a few minutes, needing reset, etc.) with version 3.5 remote app, I’ve found a solution by accident that works for me! It has driven me mad for years, with no solution offered or suggested that actually worked. Until now - you might want to try my (unexpected!) solution for size as well in that case, see if it works for you?

I’m using 3.5 on a Macbook Air, remote app is on iPad.

About 6 months or so ago we got a new TV for our main bedroom and, as is often the way these days with modern TV’s (no matter what the size, small or large!) it has all the usual ‘smart’ features and apps, (iPlayer, Netflix, etc.) pre-installed. The only snag was that I couldn’t get any of these to work because our wifi reception in that bedroom was a bit flaky, so in order to use all this new tech stuff I needed to resolve that.

To fix this I obtained a TP-Link wifi range extender and placed it in the nearest ‘free’ wall socket which, by coincidence, happened to be across the hallway in my music room.

And guess what - as an aside I now find the remote app works perfectly every time, not had one ‘error’ of any description since I installed this item!!! I probably play music for around 1-2 hours, 2-3 times a week typically, so that’s a pretty good record so far … App leaps into life instantly with all listings correct and fully populated, never fails! Not once has it let me down …

So, it would appear that (for me, at least) my issue was nothing more than poor wifi reception; the signal would have needed to find it’s way to my router, which is around 10 metres away downstairs through solid brick walls, before then returning back upstairs to my Macbook, along with all the to-ing and fro-ing of communications necessary. So by ‘boosting’ the wifi signal to get our TV to work correctly it’s inadvertently also resolved my Audirvana remote problem. Well, blow me down!

Whether the actual problem was with my iPad’s wifi, or the Macbook, I don’t care - it now works!

And to think I’ve put up with the remote apps issues for so long, as have many, many other users no doubt. If I’d realised the solution sooner … oh, well.

Happy days!!! :smiley:

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Thanks for the insight Jim - however it’s strange that I didn’t see this proffered as a possible solution in all the other posts about this problem that I recall perusing at the time a few years ago!!

Well, not sure how I’m supposed to ask about something I didn’t know about!?

I seem to have perhaps offended you, that was not my intention so my apologies if that’s the case.

I won’t bother posting any further ‘if this may help someone’ things anymore …

I am using my imac 27’’ to screen sharing
with wifi to my mac mini Audirvana computer
and recently tried to put ethernet cable to all twos computers since my music room is in the downstair floor… way more reliable!!

BUT the remote needs wifi, not ethernet if i’m not wrong, so, connection for me still s*ck :grinning:

Forum here exist to get answers,
none are not good,
posting anything you got
can always help someone :grinning:

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Thanks RunHomeSlow, appreciate your comments.

Jim - it seems your posts that prompted my response have somehow been removed now …??

Don’t worry, I’m logging off now and won’t bother to check again.