Audirvana 3.5 start with fidelizer 8.5, Windows 10

Hello, i have a question, is it possible to start Audirvana by Fidelizer, after optimization done, automatically. I want fidelizer to run the Audirvana.exe selected in the settings of Fidelizer. For now i start a little script (.exe) which i can select in Fidelizer as program to start. The script is to run a audirvana link on my Desktop. For me not a clean solution.
Trying to start Audirvana.exe directly out of the windowsapp folder do not work. The windows loading symbol appears a few seconds but thats all. I have full rights to my windowsapp folder.
Someone an idea?

Windows 10 professional latest build.

Thanks and regards
Kristian S.

Hello Kristian,
I asked basically the same question on November 2. I received a response from Damien that it is not possible to run Audirvana from Fidelizer.


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Hello Steve,
many thanks for your response. it’s a shame it’s not possible, but good to know.