Audirvana 3.5 version for Windows 10

Hi, I read on the Audirvana website that the new 3.5 version is available for Mac users. Is there any news on when the new version will be available for Windows 10 users? Thanks in advance.

+1 here,
got notified some time ago on “new v3.5 for win10”,
but to this day only v1.3.9 build 1068 showed up,
which didn´t fix the major stability issues that I have
for quite some versions now (in conjunction with using the UI while streaming from TIDAL).
please please make it work reasonably with v3.5 eventually, big thanks in advance!

Hi Waldo!
You should have 3.4.19 on W10. Can’t really help you to get there, sorry. Use the search on this forum. Best of luck,

BeagleBoy, I´ll investigate… meanwhile: thanks & cheers!

Update and again sorry, should be 3.4.919😌