Audirvāna 3.5 vs Origin ( Mac)

Bonjour !
Qui a des expériences sur la qualité sonore d’Origin sur Mac ? Il serait surtout intéressant de savoir s’il y a des différences de son entre 3.5 et Origin sur Mac ! Je serais heureux de recevoir vos contributions à ce sujet !


Une petite recherche te répondra, mais comme je ne suis pas chien, c’est le jour et la nuit !

Le tester c’est l’adopter :wink:

apparemment, je n’ai pas le choix…

Il y aura toujours des gens pour t’expliquer qu’en fonction de la centrale qui génère le courant, c’est le jour et la nuit. T’as déjà écouté sur une centrale à charbon ? c’est incomparable ! Par contre évidemment il faut des connecteurs en or rose, la couleur influe grandement sur la qualité du son car ce n’est pas la même longueur d’ondes.

Sinon, entre Studio et Origin, c’est le même logiciel, même cœur, même son. La différence c’est que Studio requiert un abonnement et permet de profiter de contenus en ligne (podcasts, radios, services de streaming) et peut être utilisé et mis à jour tant que l’on paie son abonnement, tandis qu’Origin n’a accès qu’au contenu local (cela comprend malgré tout le contenu sur réseau local et Remote) et ne se paie qu’une fois (avec une durée d’accès aux mises à jour définie).

Quant à 3.5, il paraît que c’est différent. A priori les gens préfèrent Origin / Studio en majorité, trouvent le son plus clair. Je n’ai pas d’avis, pour moi le changement le plus important a été l’interface, peut-être parce que je n’utilise pas des trucs comme l’upsampling.
Le seul moyen de savoir où tu te situes, c’est d’essayer, l’essai est gratuit.

Merci pour tes explications ! Je vais essayer Origin!

“le jour et la nuit” ben voyons

Choucroute et saucisses, c’est ça ? :yawning_face:

Sorry I do not speak French but I used Google Translate to follow this thread.

Do you have a final opinion of ORIGIN vs 3.5?

No, I have not yet purchased Origin. That’s why I asked here if anyone has found experiences or sound differences between version 3.5 and Origin!

Exactly the opposite for me! I only have local files! That’s why I’m interested in Origin.

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It depends on your system.
For some, Origin and AS sound better than A3.5.
For others, the players sound the same.
There’s a free trial, so you should try Origin, and verify if you hear sound improvement with your system.

As said by others… just use the free trial of Origin. You can install it next to 3.5 on the same computer.
You can not use them both at the same time. If you use 3.5 you have to close Origin first and vice versa.
But in this way you can compare them both during Origin’s trial period and you can make a decision yourself if Origin is worth it for you.
I have 3.5 and Origin both installed on my computer. I prefer upsampling to DSD and I like the sound quality of upsampling in Origin (with SoX) a bit more than 3.5 (it can also be between my ears). What I also like in Origin that there is a folder view to access your music files.

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I tend to be reticent to load software unless I’ve done my research. If I decide to trash it, then sometimes file linger around that I did not know were installed or are hidden altogether that I don’t want. Install logs seem to be a thing of the past.

Currently, I am pretty happy with 3.5 with the exception of how it manages my library. If I make changes to my files and/or edit their metadata (tags) the 3.5 database does not consistently catch the changes I’ve made. I have to delete and rebuild a new library data file.
Question: Can I expect that ORIGIN will manage my library and metadata $90 better than 3.5?

I found Origin (same for studio) to be more likable for my setup in sound quality over 3.5 version… still have 3.5 and don’t use it yet, prefer origin sound and layout, to be superior, without bugs, or better remote, no :grinning:

I have delayed trying Origin after my negative experience with Studio. Today I bit the bullet, and the trial is already over. The sound is great - clearly better than 3.5, which is good. But the rest of the program has the same characteristics that people complained about in Studio:

  1. The navigation alphabet on down the right side of lists on the remote is gone. With thousands of albums / tens of thousands of tracks, it is virtually unusable. It can take 10 minutes to scroll down to letter R, for instance, most of the time waiting for the covers to load.
  2. You can no longer do anything with groups (again, using remote). They display (in really ugly all caps) but you can’t play them - there are no controls at the group level. For classical music, groups are everything as most pieces have more than one track.
  3. It’s still adding incorrect and bizarre artist information. Inexcusable. I want my metadata and ONLY my metadata. It is claimed that they are not changing the metadata, but if the program won’t use my metadata, what good is it? (And by the way, some of the stupid, incorrect data has filtered back to 3.5 after only about 10 minutes playing Origin.)

The sound is wonderful, but database management and navigation is unusable - far worse than version 1, or any of the updates up to 3.5

My metadata (in Yate) - Simon Rattle: London Symphony Orchestra
Origin’s metadata (on screen) - Sir Simon Rattle, London Symphony Orchestra, Simon Rattle, CBSO, Simon Rattle: London Symphony Orchestra

That’s right: For each track Sir Simon is displayed 3 times (once with honorific), the LSO is displayed twice, and the City of Birmingham SO (which Sir Simon had left 21 years before this recording) is thrown in once just for fun.

There are other examples where Origin has added a second conductor who had nothing to do with the recording listed.

Love the sound. Happy to pay the price for that sound. But I won’t use this mess of a user interface, and and I can’t deal with the arrogance of replacing careful and accurate metadata.

Why would you scroll to the letter “R”? Why just not type in the search box starting with “R”?

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On the remote? Searching for R takes me to Arne and Arnold, and a whole bunch of names with an R in them, not to names starting with R in the playlist.

The remote deserves to be improved.
I think that the old remotes of Audirvana 3.5 and Audirvana Plus were better.

Was Way better! :disappointed:, but still not finish…