Audirvana 3 and MQA Hardware

I am a new member that needs advice running MQA. I have not buy an Apple product yet. I would like to know which Mac mini will run it better. Quad core or Dual core or if any other Apple product will be better. Which one will be better to start with? I already bought a Meridian Explorer 2. Any recommendations will be appreciated.


Honestly if you can get your hands on a a late model 2012 Mac Mini. it will be more than powerful enough, and it was the last model which allowed users to upgrade memory before Apple had it soldered on. I use a late 2012 loaded up with 16GB RAM and that is more than sufficient.

I agree with davidavdavid.
I have late 2012 mac mini i7 with 16GB RAM only had 1TB hdd so when that filled up I had a certified Apple computer/store/repair place put in a 2TB WD HDD-they transferred everything-works great and sure beats going to an APPLE STORE. It is as quiet as a mouse-I use it for streaming with A2+ of course plus ROON/TIDAL app and MQA/Qobuz both the desktop app and the new WEB page plus my 800+cd iTunes library in AIFF( and I do multiple things while listening ie searches email and my EMR office charts with nary a hiccough).
I love A2+ am waiting and waiting for ver 3 can’t wait to compare it’s hopeful ability to either do MQA or pass it through(as ROON does) to my new ME2 ie I get 1-2 white lights and a blue light or blue light alone for TIDAL MQA/MASTERS.
I can’t say enough to Damien and his responses to some of my problems very quick and very helpful even as as he was leaving on a ski vacation with his family.