Audirvana 3 without iTunes?

hello dear sir or madam,

how can I use audirvana 3 without itunes - as it was in Audirvana 1.0 free?

ITunes is waste. It is user unfriendly, confusing and more a shop than a musicplayer. And I do not need any of the store crap which is integrated.
An audiophil player has to be clean. just play what I want and nothing more.
Besides, I have tried to add my 24bit hiRes flac albums to Itunes, but if I click on the playlist, there are no songs, no titles and I can not play anything.
(iTunes it is not deactivated in the preferences)

Please. Could anyone tell me how to use audirvana 3 nativ, as it was in the beginning? No iTunes please!
Or is there a workaround to run Audirvana 1.0 on Mavericks 10.9.5?

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Im using Audirvana 3 without iTunes integrationā€¦ why are you under the impression that iTunes is needed?

Hello and thank you for your answer.

ā€¦because, if I open Audirvana plus 3, iTunes opens, too. Every time.
And if I close the iTunes WIndow, there is not track list window left.

How can I open the track list window for the Audirvana plus 3?
And how can I deaktivate iTunes at start up of Adirvana?

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Audirvana Plus Main Menuā€¦ in Apple menu barā€¦ unchecked iTunes integrated Modeā€¦

Hello again!

I have checked both menu bars, Audirvana plus 3 and iTunes. I can not find the option ā€œunchecked iTunes integrated Modeā€ā€¦
Could you please give me a screen shot, where I can find these setting?

Thank you very much!

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Itunes is not compatible with FLAC files. You have to trancode them first in ALAC (Apple Loseless) using XLD (itā€™s free and makes a great job)
Sorry for my ā€œprobablystrangeā€ english, i im french you know ā€¦


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The exact menu option is labhelled ā€œITunes integrated Modeā€
This menu line can be checked or not
Checked : Audirvana works with itunes (this is what you donā€™t want)
Unchecked : Audirvana works alone
i use both depending of the file type

@ louvbe,

thank you for your kind reply. You are welcome! :wink:

I think I do not want to transform over 100GB FLAC files. :wink:

This is one of the reason, that I do not want iTunes trash.
Because of this I have choosen Audirvana, and not Amarra or PureMusic.

If I can deactivate iTunes and run Audirvana Plus 3 nativ - this would be great!

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Hahaaa!! I got it!! :slight_smile:

The option ā€œITunes integrated Modeā€ appears only, after I have deaktivated all iTunes settings on the last rauter on the very right under preferences.
After that, Audirvana start new and I have to set up library and streaming options new.

Now it works finally! happy! :slight_smile:

Thank you all together!!

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