Audirvana Account Activation not working


I am hoping for some help from the Audirvana folks.

My e-mail is working well to register and login to the community site (as is evident in this post).

However, when I go to login on the Audirvana site, it says “Hi, [My Name], your account is not activated.” So, I click the button to send an activation e-mail.

However, no activation e-mail is sent. Nothing in my Junk mail folder, nothing in my inbox. I have repeated the steps a few times, and actually for my community, account I was able to reset my password a few minutes ago, so Audirvana sending an e-mail to my e-mail address is working, in general.

It is the activation e-mail for registering at the site that is not coming through (or not being generated) for some reason. And yes, I have checked the junk mail folder, waited for more than 30 minutes, and I am receiving e-mails regularly from other places.

I suspect that since I have had an account with Audirvana in the past (I was using it for years up until the switch to the subscription model), my e-mail is in some sort of weird state on You knew my name but somehow think my account needs activation but the system is not actually sending my activation e-mail.

Welll, I hope someone can help. Many thanks!

Send a mail to

Hi @rockpaperscissors,

Sorry about this, the forum and the Audirvāna account use two different mail servers which explain why you could create your account on the forum.

On the mail server used for Audirvāna account, you were blacklisted, probably because you unsubscribed of our mailing list at some point.

I resent you the activation mail, it should be good now :wink:

Hi, Antoine,

I did receive an e-mail, but when I clicked the “activate” button in the e-mail it took me to an Audirvana web page in my browser, and the page asked for my password. Unfortunately, the system no longer recognizes my password, which was last changed in 2012.

I use a password manager, so I tried a couple of other passwords that I used in the past for, however none of them worked.

The easiest thing, I assume, would be to setup a password reset for my e-mail address and then I can get things updated from there.

In the mail you received, you have a temporary password in it, you need to use this one first, and then you will be able to change it.

Thank you. I was looking for support options on the Audirvana website and did not see that e-mail. It’s good to know.

However, Audirvana should really provide a more clear/obvious mechanism there to help people get in touch with them.

Thank you!

That was my mistake, and I now I have everything working again.

I appreciate your help.

It is also extremely helpful that you provide a list of my Legacy Licenses. Thank you for taking the time to do that (I mean whoever developed the registration system).

It looks like I have a MacOS license for Audirvana 3.5 purchased in 2017. It seems to be running natively on Apple Silicon now as well. I will explore the current versions, but I am very glad to see that there is at least one version I can use to get re-acquainted with Audirvana.

Thank you again!