Audirvana adds the wrong files to a manual playlist

I am trying to create a manual playlist right now and am quite frustrated.

I just can’t add some song and Audirvana shows some weird behavior:

I add the song with drag and drop and Audirvana adds a different song from the sam album into the playlist.

Or I rightclick on the song, choose “add to playlist”, but there’s only one other playlist listed, not the one I want to edit right now.

The files are local files, no streaming involved.

Hello @econaut,

Can you add some screenshots of the behavior you have?

I can’t provide a screenshot of the wrong file being added.

But this is the missing playlist in the rightclick menu:

So whatever song you try to add to Spielwiese it will not be the one you wanted?

These are two different problems I encountered, when trying the same thing.

I can’t make a screenshot of the wrong file being added when doing drag and drop (first problem), so I can only elaborate on the second problem which is shown in the screenshot:

I want to add a song to the playlist called “Lana Del Rey lokal”, but this playlist is not available in the context menu. But it exists, you can see it in the list at the left above “Spielwiese”.

EDIT: I see that the playlist “Lana Del Rey lokal” is highlighted by a color. Maybe it is still “active” in a way, because I navigated through this playlist to the folder I am in in that screenshot (clicked on a different song of the same album which is already in the playlist).

in your screenshot you are already in “Lana Del Rey lokal” (this is why you see the name of the playlist in blue on the left). This is why you can’t add the song you have selected to this playlist as it is already in it.

Yes and no, see the edit of my last post.

Maybe the software thinks that I am in that playlist, but I am not as you can see when looking at the songs. This is the album, not the playlist.

You can be in the album but you accessed to this album through the playlist “Lana Del Rey lokal”. Can you click on Bibliothek on the left and try to access to this album in Bibliothek?

Exactly. And yes, going through “Bibliothek” works (I just found out).

Is it possible to change this?

I mean, when I’m in the album, I am in the album and not in the playlist :wink: This is not intuitive.

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