Audirvana AirPods connection issue

Running Audirvana 3.5.50 (3580) on MBpro / Monterrey
Issue with program - when I’m listening to it on my laptop speaker and need to switch to AirPods, I hit the speaker button - a small pop up appears where I am supposed to be able to select either speakers or AirPods(or any headset for that matter). the button is grayed out and the only way I can switch is to restart the program. Thoughts?

You need to stop the playback of a track before you can change your speaker settings in Audirvana.

Paddle lock on the right bottom,
not just pause button…

He’s on 3.5 not studio

If i remember, clicking pause button one or two seconds make stop button appear?

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The square box to left of play/pause is the stop. Click on that and your output choices will be available

my remembered was from the remote stop… :slight_smile:

I had to start 3.5 up, been a while just to make sure :thinking:

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