Audirvana and Auralic Device Compatibility

Has anyone had any success connecting to Auralic streaming devices from the new Audirvana applications? I just tried the latest Audirvana Origin but am still unable to see the Auralic Altair G1 device to send audio. I made sure no other UPnP software is running on my Mac and also connected my Mac Mini onto the same wi-fi network as the Auralic sits on - still not able to see the device for audio playback.

Any thoughts/ideas anyone, or is this just a compatibility issue and I will just need to stick to my apps that work just fine from my iPhone? I would love to use the new Audirvana app but unless I can stream, I am going to have to pass on it…

Thanks in advance…

There’s another guy on the forum who bought an Auralic streamer, and his network player does not work with Studio.
I think that this guy is @Ironz .
He may know how you can fix this issue.

Auralic devices use the OpenHome flawor of the UPnP specification. This is not supported by Audirvana.

Is this lack of support listed anywhere in Audirvana FAQ, minimum requirements, etc?

Not that I‘m aware. If you search the community, you’ll find that Audirvana team answered this question.

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Hi @AudirEnz

Unfortunately I couldn’t get Audirvana to see my Aries, most likeley due to the UPnP compatability issue as mentioned by @bitracer above :+1:
I’ve now paused my Studio subscription and use Auralic Lightning DS as my software. I have a SSD plugged directly into the back of the Aries, so no network lag whatsoever. Everything is instant.
I’ve had the streamer for pretty much 3 months now and can honestly say I can’t remember it crashing once.
Good luck :+1:

Thanks for the feedback everyone. I was hoping that the new lighter version of the product would have solved the ability to connect to my Auralic DAC/Streamer but I guess this is not the case. I would have loved to have got this latest version of Audirvana as I love the interface and performance in general. However, it wasn’t meant to be and will just stick with my iPhone/iPad apps using Twonky server on my Mac which works really well for me today.

Thanks again everyone and stay healthy!

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