Audirvana and Electrocompaniet Rena S-1 / Technics SL-G700

Hello everyone,

does anybody use Audirvana with an Electrocompaniet Rena S-1 streamer or with a Technics SL-G700 device?

I would be particularly interested to know if and how reliably the Technics works in the context of UPnP/ DLNA with Audirvana, the same for the RENA. And if gapless functionality is given.

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Don’t know about RENA, but Technics does not mention UPnP support for SL-G700.

Thank you - yes, I can’t find anything on the subject either. I think I will have a look at the device at my dealer and check it directly on the device…

Update, I just checked it at my local dealer: the Technics SL-G700 supports UPnP and works with Audirvana, and gapless works fine also. Definitely an option for me now. :slight_smile:

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Update 2: Electrocompaniet will release a new version of the Rena, the S-2, in the beginning of 2021. Until then, no facts available.