Audirvana and Gold Note DS-10

Hi there,

I just got a new Streaming DAC, a Gold Note DS-10. It is connected via ethernet and a router to my NAS, where I have stored my music. I run Audirvana on an older Macbook Pro from 2015 with OS X 10.12.6. Also I have active speakers connected to the DS-10.

Audirvana sees my music quite nicely and already built a library on my Mac.

What doesn’t work correctly in Audirvana is the artist section. I can’t scroll anywhere and have to force quit the app every time I open the artist section.

Behind Audirvana’s little loudspeaker symbol next to the volume bar the DS-10 is shown twice, in the network section and in the DAC section. Does it matter which one I choose?

The volume control with the Gold Note DS-10 is a bit strange. In Audirvana I have to really really go down with the volume to not kill my speakers. There is merely a dash visible in the volume control bar. I wonder if this is ok or how to adjust things like that.

Maybe someone here has the similar equipment and can help me out with some hints?


Hello @Allerwertester,

ARe you using the latest version of Audirvana? It’s 3.5.42.

Does the Gold note support Airplay? If it’s the case then the DS-10 in the DAC section is the Airplay connectivity.

Ah, good to know. Thanks for sorting that out. The DS-10 supports Airplay, but I never used it with any of my other thingies here.

Plus: yes I use the latest version: 3.5.42 (3572)

When you have the crash while scrolling in Artist, can you send us the crash report at

It’s not crashing, but I am force quitting it. Also, just now I deleted th database and have to wait for it to come back. Should I send a log anyway? Where do I find it?

Thanks for the help!

What type of NAS are you using? When you force Audirvana to quit you should have a report of it, can you send it to

It’s a Qnap NAS. The database is rebuilt, but the problem still exists: corrupt artist section. Now I only need to force quit it when I activate the artist section and switch to another app and try to switch back. Where do I find the log file?


When you force Audirvana to quit, you should have a window with a big yellow warning on it and a option to view the report generated, we need everything that is being displayed in the report.

Sorry, but there’s nothing showing up like you mentioned. Just the usual Mac window. If you have teamviewer, you might have a look at what I have here.

We do not do teamviewer. Can you do a video when you force audirvana to quit so we can see what is displayed? You can use the app Screenshot of MacOS to do this. You can send the video at

ok. I made a little video about what happens when accessing the artist section, etc. It’s a big huge, so I am putting it into my dropbox. I’ll send you the link as soon as it finished uploading.

Thanks for the help!

movie uploaded, mail sent.


At least I could manage the volume control: I just forgot to activate the ability to control the volume with the DS-10. :rofl: So now I can use the DAC’s remote control.

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