Audirvana and LA Convolver

Is somebody knows why LA Convolver is not working with Audirvana ?
On my Mac mini under 10.14, the Mac crash after 10 minutes.

Is it any other solutions to make something similar ?

Kind regards,

In 3.5.23 LAConvolver does not work here either. I do have only the left channel and sometime
Audirvana crashes.


LAConvolver works with Audirvana 3.5.33.

I have to select “Configuration manuel pendant la lecture (inactif pendant la lecture DSD)”
“Manual configuration during playback (inactive during DSD playback)”

And don’t use the dark mode because you can’t see well in the LAConvoler window.

One mono IR file per track is required.
In multichannel, the configuration is only kept for channels 1 and 2. I must recall a preset at each stop of playing.
For DSD files I let audirvana convert to PCM of course.

On the other hand convolution restart at each tracks unlike the previous version of audirvana which keeps the convolution works between tracks.
It did not restart when you move cursor in the track.

Gaétan C.