Audirvana+ and PEACHTREE NOVA150

Hi, I’m Jordi Cabrera and I currently have AUDIRVANA + (latest version) on Mac mini (Mojave, 16gb ram). I have purchased a PEACHTREE NOVA 150 and I am wondering if you could help me with the AUDIRVANA + configuration I would like to know what upsampling should I put in AUDIRVANA + for the NOVA150 dac. Finally in the AudioMIDI configuration on the Mac, should I put the maximum sampling for the NOVA150 dac? Thank you

Audirvana should recognize your dac max sample rate specs, it’s up to you to choose the upsampling rate you prefer, there are not fixed rules but only your ears. Depending on your Mac Mini power you could upsample to dsd, consider that dsd upsampling is demanding a lot of power. You cannot go beyond your dac limits.
It is not important to change AudioMidi settings as Audirvana will overwrite them while playing music.

I understand that I recommend maximum upsampling that supports my dac or upsampling dsd? Thank you