Audirvana and Pioneer N-50AE connection issues

Can anyone help me understand why Audirvana only ever sees my Pioneer N-50AE over the network after a hard reboot of the Pioneer. It sees every other UPnP device I have connected e.g. Oppo 105D, Denon 4500, Samsung TV, CA CXN V2 etc. Just not the Pioneer. After a hard reboot it is seen and works OK but in normal circumstances remains invisible.

I’ve done the usual networking stuff, all my devices have fix IPs and while there are many on my home network, there are no other connection issues anywhere. I now know for a fact that the problem is related to Audirvana, not to the Pioneer. The latter has been happily used with at least 5 other 3rd party control applications without any issue. In fact, the Pioneer is the most reliable and stable network audio streamer in my network.

Any help and meaningful input of Pioneer N50 / N70 owners will be greatly appreciated.

You said it yourself. There is some incompatibility between Audirvana and the Pioneer’s UPnP implementation on those devices.

You can’t do anything about it. Audirvana would need to implement some workaround to make this work. Other option would be Pioneer firmware update but don’t hold your breath for it.

Seeing as no less than 7 other apps see that Pioneer without any LAN voodoo required I’d think it’s up to Audirvana to fix the problem from their end… I seem to remember an article published where claims were made on a specific collaboration between Audirvana and Pioneer on my particular model of streamer. I am surely not seeing the fruit of this effort at this point in time.

I used/use a Pioneer n70a with no issues.
I have a friend that said he also had issues using a n50a.

Hello @RossT, have you selected the Network mode of your N50AE when you want to wee it in Audirvana?

Hello Damien,

Yes, I did try this option too, even though it’s not necessary for the DLNA use of the Pioneer on any other device that controls it on my network. It does not work unless the Pioneer has been hard rebooted beforehand. In which case, selecting Network is also not needed. Audirvana will connect this one time after reboot.

If that was not aggravating enough, my phone or tablet with Audirvana remote will most often not connect to the PC / laptop that runs Audirvana. I’d say the chance of connection is 2 out of 10 times. All devices are on the same network, checked and rechecked.

That problem is actually worse since it prevents me from using Audirvana with my other streamers - Oppo and CA CXN V2. My network is set up correctly, all devices have fixed internal IP’s and all other connections are working just fine.

I’ll keep checking from time to time if an update will resolve either of these issues but for the time being not using the software other than to give it a quick test.

I understand your point, just to be sure, have you tried to reboot your internet router?

Just to revive a dead topic, I’ve been giving Roon another trial with their Black Friday 3 months for $1 offer and I just can’t help but acknowledge how far apart the two platforms are. Having set up my Synology NAS to run as a Roon core I’ve been able to seamlessly access all audio devices on my network, including the Pioneer N-50AE, which stubbornly does not make itself visible on Audirvana. I’ve probably entered a code in Audirvana 20 times in order to manage it through a remote device and that’s annoyed the hell out of me. It’s never happened with Roon, the Roon remotes just work and 1. do not require authentication, and 2. do not claim they are not on the same network.

So, more work to be done before Audirvana becomes a usable platform in my book at least. I had some hopes with the last few updates, but they did not bring any improvement to my specific issues.

Dear RossT

i am no nerd at all, and therefore i usually do not find seamless access to any device.
But as a lucky owner of the Pioneer N-70A, the first model, i had a lot of experience with network trouble. The pioneer app itself was a mere desaster and didn´t work at all for over a year, so that nobody dared to hope for an update.
The improvement of sound, exploiting the full technical potential of the pioneer, presents audirvana as a perfect companion. Recently i ordered the TEAC Nt-505, also a great device. And i have to confess that the main problems occur with windows and eu rules. The first thing is to find the right driver, in order to run your music via the asio device. Win10 does not offer audirvana as a possible player app, it does not exist in the paranoic microsoft world. Even if installed. The TEAC HR Streamer app is also a catastrophe, i was told that it will be improved soon. By the way, i have no experiences with the MAC side of the world. The Pioneer app will vanish with Android 9; my sony mobile is not to be updated.