Audirvana and Tidal

Does anyone have the problem of audirvana hanging while playing tidal ?

I am getting this problem after playing a few songs off tidal - didn’t see this when playing off my NAS …

Anyone experience this before ?

Hello. Me again… Despite removal of the last updates from Microsoft for Windows 10 the hangup with using Tidal occure again. So it May not the issue anyway. It worket fine since 10 AM this morning in Norway. But now 1440 PM audirvana did hang up again. One of my friends with the same problem was streaming Tidal from lait Last night to early this morning 0430 AM. And it working fine. He did not remove the last updates from Microsoft. Just for Information

My Best regards Mr Geir Arne Sornes. Norway.

When I run Tidal, I am getting skips every so often. Also, a song jumps to the next one before the end of the track. This has been going on for a few weeks now.