Audirvana at Axpona

This is just a small positive note between all the little issues posted here and there.
Just got back from a very successful presentation at Axpona 24, Chicago.
We used Audirvana Studio on a small fidelized PC running from a linear power supply, using the hotel TV to show what’s playing in our room and operating the system from an Android tablet.

The sound quality is phenomenal, as all visitors to our room confirmed to us time and time again.

Thank you Damien for creating such a great player…

Cheers, Hans.


Cool story, Hans. I read somewhere that you play Mike Oldfield from time to time at shows. How do the listeners react to that, that’s not the usual cup of tea! Would love to hear your system at some point in the future (although price wise way out of my league…).

Yes I love Mike Oldfield! Actually, Amarok is one of my favorite albums.
His recordings are great and always sound interesting. I get very positive reactions from listeners, they love to hear new things. Most of them only know Tubular Bells (if at all).
This last show we had a couple of great 80s throwback sessions where we just played all sorts of cool stuff, like the Gap Band, Johnny Guitar Watson, Bootsy Rubberband and what have you. People loved it! Sometimes they just want to hear something different than Tin pan alley, Hotel California or Diana Krall (no offense to any of those, though). We had one visitor that declared us his heroes when we played ‘Born to be alive’ for him hahaha. It sounded great and everyone was rocking out.
It’s important to have fun. Sometimes it’s about the system, but it’s ALWAYS about the music.

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That sounds like a feast. And I absolutely agree that it’s always about the music. It’s great to discover new music every day. I visited Fritz de With from STS Digital and STS Analog a couple of months ago. He makes awesome recordings, that sound immaculate. He introduced me to Ingram Washington, and I loved his voice. So I bought a vinyl from him. And I also discovered Carolin No because of that. A German couple that makes lovely music as well. Maybe you already know them, but if you don’t I can absolutely recommend them. It’s no Amarok (love it too), that’s for sure, but then again there is no other musician like Mike Oldfield. Although Robert Reed from Magenta, with his Sanctuary albums, does a pretty good job. Best regards, Frido


But I was just thinking that Hotel California from the Eagles’ live album Hell Freezes Over is really quite a good demo piece. :slightly_smiling_face:

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It absolutely is. It’s just that it’s being played in almost every room at shows which makes visitors want something different.

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Here’s something interesting that is far from demo quality: Who’s the better vocalist, Lennon or Jagger? Both the Beatles and Stones recorded the song Money (That’s What I Want) in their early days. Have a listen, you might find it surprising.

BTW, speaking of different versions of a song, you wouldn’t think anyone could do Tom Waits’ Hold On better than he could, but Shawn Colvin gets close on her wonderful album Uncovered.

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